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Never Lose Your Phone, Keys Or Wallet Again Using This Tracker !

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Bluetooth trackers, like Tile, are a pretty elegant tech solution for an everyday problem. They’re small, typically no larger than a tin of lip balm. Almost every tracker has the same features (including Trackr, Chipolo, and, of course, Tile): The ability to ring the item from your phone, display the item’s last known or current location on an app, reverse find a phone by pressing on the tracker itself, and tap into a network of the device’s users to crowdsource your search when the tracker goes out of Bluetooth range. Tile Slim, a thin, wallet-friendly tracker, is the company’s newest product. sub-buzz-24069-1472657439-1 The company sent a review unit over, on loan, and I’ve been playing with it, and trying to lose my stuff ever since.

It’s fundamentally the same product as the original Tile, but much slimmer and minus a key ring. There’s an integrated button you can double tap to locate your phone, and it will also appear in the app with a map of its current or last known location. It has the same IP5 splash-proof rating and 100-foot Bluetooth LE range.

It’s lighter (9.3 g), thinner (2.4 mm, or about two credit cards stacked), but has a larger surface area (about 1.5 times larger than the original Tile, diagonally).


There are three major differences between Tile Slim and Tile.

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The first is price. Slim is $30 for one or $100 for four, while Tile is $25 for one or $70 for four. Tile Slim also includes four new ringtones: Bionic Birdie, The Classic Call , Pep In Your Step, and Blues for Slim. The new sounds, unfortunately, are not rolling out to the original Tile. Lastly, Slim is designed to be slipped into tight spaces, versus attached with a carabiner or keyring. Adhesives are $5 for a three-pack and are sold separately ..    

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